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The process of preparing the terrain precedes installation and is one of the most important factors that influence the final result and the quality of the project. Depending on the type, size and shape of the pool, the duration of preparation may be about a week. Of course, time factors as well as the availability of the terrain so for this can be used diggers for the mechanical excavation or the excavation is done manually. The preparation of the terrain includes the excavation and the relationship between the soil and the concrete floor of the floor slab. The floor slab is made of single reinforced concrete with a thickness of 15-20cm. If the pool oval it is necessary even straight The sides of the wall pools make up the slag block.
All processes are processed according to detailed specification and control to ensure the desired quality of production. 

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Swimming pool installation

The assembly of the swimming pool lasts a short period of 3-7 working days maximally if our installers come to the properly prepared terrain.
Installation implies the setting of a steel or styropool wall of a pool, thermofilter and liner (which requires the most time because it depends on the outside
temperature, i.e., a timely opportunity)
The standard equipment item in which the pump belongs, the filter station, the skimmer, ladders, nozzles.


When it comes to building a pool in people, confusion is often created about what is actually happening. Many people think that the process itself is simple in the sense that it just makes a "when" in which the water is poured into it and that's it. Actually, this process consists of two pieces:
PREPARATION OF THE TERRACE: the starting part is the preparation of the terrain before installation (excavation, floor slab concrete ...)
INSTALLATION OF THE POOL AND EQUIPMENT: it involves the installation of walls and other basic equipment in the form of a filtration system (pumps and filters). 

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The mentioned pools are characterized by the type of materials from which the basement walls are used. The material we use is a steel sheet of thickness of 0.8 mm. This sheet is specially designed for swimming purpose and as such is galvanized and coated with plastic in order to ensure the highest quality and durability.
Both swimming pools come in standard sizes and in two depth options (1.2mi 1.5m). Swimming pools can be dimensioned from 5x3m to 12x6m while rounds range from 3m to 7m diameter. Some of the dimensions can be completely buried, partially buried or above ground and all depending on the customer's request and / or the terrain. 


There are more "divisions" or "differences" between skimmer and overflow basins, some of which we will mention:
Skimmer pools are cheaper by 30% of the overflows, because the overflows require the production of overflow channels and overflow vessels. The pre-treatment vessel is used as a water pool from the pool in which it comes from, depending on the number of people in the pool
Family pools or pools for smaller hotels are mostly skimmer because they are for private use so the number of customers is mostly the same or at least the same.
Public and commercial pools are mainly made as overflowing because it is difficult to predict which number of bathers will be present at the same time in the water. If the number of bathers is before the estimated quantity of water from the pool goes to the overflowing vessel and then returns to the pool. 

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Styropool represents a kind of revolution in the pool industry. In fact, these are special blocks made of mix material. It is manufactured in Germany at the highest standards and this product is patented. The majority of advantages of this type of pool construction worth mentioning are the production of various shapes and dimensions pool, economy and speed of swimming pool construction.
The assembly process consists of assembling and connecting blocks that are then filled with reinforcement and concrete. With this combination we obtain a wall of a swimming pool that is resistant to various weather conditions and soil conditions. The main item is durability, because from our experience such pools take more than 15 years without any need for renovation. 


As we all know, manual treatment of water and maintenance of water quality can sometimes require additional time. In addition, due to climate change, frequent rainfall and water scarcity, water in the pool is not always clean and ready for bathing.
This is just one of the reasons why products are made that automatically maintain water quality. This process involves checking the current state of water and after that dosing of chemistry to bring quality to the highest level.
Two components include automatic water maintenance, which are:
-electrolysis (salt water)
-pH expert 

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-automatic to maintain Ph water value

In order for water to be always high-quality and safe for bathing, it must have a certain ph value. This pH value should be in section 7 and with chemistry in manual ways can often be complicated for maintenance. Therefore, we have a pH expert that controls the , followed by dosing minimal chemistry in order to achieve the perfect pH value of water. 

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Changing water

After opening and at the beginning of the season, it is necessary to add the pool with new water for the level discharged before closing and it is necessary to re-water the water with chemical and bring the required ph value to be ready for use.

Nakon otvaranja i na početku sezone potrebno je bazen dopuniti novom vodom za nivo ispušteni pred zatvaranje i potrebno je ponovno tretiranje vode hemijom i dovođenje na potrebnu ph vrednost kako bi bila spremna za korišćenje.


It is an indispensable part of every season and consists of several purpose functions and all in order to bring quality to an optimal bathing / using level as well as in time
Out of season (because the pool does not have to be empty outside the season when covered). The application and use of chemistry depends on the weather conditions and on the timely basis
use of chemistry and the quality of water is checked by a pool tester.
For the purpose of easier manipulation and better torsion, substances are also automated
chemistry dosing apparatus in the pool. These devices themselves test water and check the ph value of water and in this respect they dosage the required amount of chemistry in order to obtain the best possible water in the pool.
  The swimming pool in the yard is ideal for summer salvation. It sounds simple, it just needs to be set and filled with water. But maintaining adequate hygiene in the pool takes longer than a single pumpkin. Numerous preparations are needed for carefree cooling in the pool. In pools of more than three cubic meters the most important is maintenance of adequate water pH value of 7.0.
- This pH value is maintained by chemicals, while in smaller pools only safe bathing without the use of the product only if the water changes on a daily basis.
For the maintenance of the pool if the pH is 0.1 higher than the desired, 10 grams of water is poured 100 grams of pH minus the preparation, while if the pH is lower than prescribed, 100 grams of the pH plus preparation is poured into 10 cubic meters of water. The price of the preparation is an average of 1.000 dinars for a package of two kilograms. Another important item is chlorine.
- The use of chlorine is recommended, and a dose of 0.3 to 0.6 milligrams per liter of water. Once the chloride tablet is dry, it should be replaced with a new one. In addition to tablets, the pool at the weekly level also requires the addition of chlorine in granules, in the amount of 100 grams per 10 cubic meters of water
In order for the pool to be clean and hygienically safe, it is also necessary to add algicides, algal suppressants in the intake of 100 ml per 10 cubic meters of water, as well as flocculant, liquid which all the microparticles group into particles, clear water and allow for easier suction of the pool. It is also important to wash the pool properly before disposal. For this purpose, decalcit, antiinflammatory agent, and acidic acids are used.

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-automatique for water maintenance

Chlorine as the best water disinfectant has long been used in the pool industry, but there is a problem that if a high concentration of chlorine can lead to health hazards. As a result, chlorine dosing machines are produced in order to eliminate harmful effects of chlorine, more precisely the necessary doses are reduced to a minimum that is very important for the health and safety of the bathers 

Heating water

Water heating or so-called water heating serves for an extension and better use of the pool for up to two months more during the year. Also, the control of water temperature greatly reduces the risk of cold, thus allowing parents with less stress and risk of children's ailments due to bathing. There are reheating appliances that function independently of the heating in the house, they are very simple to install (to an already existing installation), they are nice designs and most important are easy to use. When using the appliance, I measure the current water temperature and then select the amount of temperature you want water in the pool and he keeps it during the time of work.

The optimal water temperature in swimming pools is about 25º C. For family swimming pools, the purpose of which is not sports swimming, but recreation, therefore insufficient. The optimum water temperature should be in family pools around 28º C.

The cost of heating water in the pool depends on the heating mode. The simplest way of reheating and maintaining the water temperature in the pool is the use of ISO-solar panels or thermal covers. Pools covered with a solar blanket can raise the water temperature to a few degrees. And during the night, as insulators, they prevent the warmed water from cooling. Sometimes, depending on the volume of the pool, it is necessary to water the water, especially during the transitional periods (May / June and September).

Ways of water heating in swimming pools:



* good alternative to solar heating systems because with the best ratio of consumed energy they produce the most heat energy;

* are simply built into existing pools;


* During the transition period when the difference between the water temperature and the air is greatest, and when the heating is most needed, the degree of energy utilization is the lowest;

The influence of the environment

If in the immediate vicinity of the pool or even above the pool there are plants in the form of trees or similar trees often
falling leaves occur due to weather conditions or seasons. Dropping of leaves in water can lead to dirt or
even the change in water quality. And pools as such need to be cleaned, ie removed in a timely manner
dirt from the water using manual or automatic cleaners. If these processes take place more often it is necessary
adequately water and treat with chemistry.

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Before the start of the season, mainly in the spring, the pool that is properly preserved needs to be put into operation. It means:
- Detecting the pool
-Offering the pool
-problem of the condition of the installation and filter of the substation, and if quartz sand is required (every 2 years)
-treatment chemistry

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Closing the pool
When closing the skimmer pool, the water should be dropped to the level below the skimmer and then properly treated with chemical
because the water during the winter period will remain in the pool and so that after the opening it will be correct.
After that it is necessary to check the installation and to empty it ie to release the water so as not to freeze during the winter and that ice damaged the installation itself and the pipes.
It is also necessary to properly cover the pool with a blanket that should be lacquered for the area around the pool, but the blanket floats on the water so as not to be due to precipitation
he threw himself.

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Pool on the roof

Due to the quality of the design and application of new technologies and materials, it is possible to build and build a swimming pool at various locations / locations.
If a pool is built on a building or a similar object, additional design and determination in terms of static of the object itself is necessary in order to
The safest way to use space on the building itself.
The process of constructing and installing the pool does not differ much in relation to the ground setting.

In order to achieve and maintain crystal clear water in the swimming pool, it is essential that the water is constantly monitored, mechanically filtered and chemically conditioned. During the first charge of the pool with water from the wells, it is necessary to do a shock chlorine treatment in order to precipitate iron and other impurities. Depending on the degree of impurities in the water and the capacity of the sand filtration device, it is necessary to rinse the filter frequently. In the case of a filter paper carton, it is necessary to clean the filter cartridge several times and leave it in the sun to dry. Only by using jointly the filtration device and the water conditioning devices you will always have crystal clear and hygienic correct water in your pool, and the pool will be an inexhaustible source of satisfaction.
The quality of water can be controlled via a simple DpD / tester or orthotolidine tester. The results on the saw will tell you which means you need to treat the water. Consider that in case of intensive use of the pool or hot summer days, the need for chemicals will be increased to keep the water clean and hygienically correct. The water temperature that is assumed in swimming pools is about 25 ° C. In tropical heat, when the water temperature reaches 30 ° C and more, chlorine evaporates very rapidly and it is necessary to constantly control the level of chlorine and increase dosage. It is for this reason that we recommend dosing chemicals in the evening when evaporation is much less.
To suck the pool is the most suitable morning. During the night, all suspended particles will be deposited at the bottom of the PVC liner (pool). If the water circulation through the filtration device is well adjusted, most of the deposited materials will concentrate in the middle of the pool, and will make it easier to suck.
• SHOCK HLOR TREATMENT: Adding a multiply increased amount of chlorine. It is applied in the first treatment of water in order to precipitate water impurities or due to lack of conditioning when the water begins to disintegrate.
• ACTIVE RESIDUAL HLOR: the free content of chlorine in water is left after chlorine binding to organic matter in water. It has an extremely disinfecting effect, and its values ​​are expressed in mg / l. In swimming pools, only organic chlorine preparations should be used, as they have no irritating effects on the skin and mucous membranes, and on the other hand they are most economical.
• ALGE: plant aquatic microorganisms. If their reproduction is smooth, they give a green or brown color, and the surfaces in contact with water become slippery and slim.
• ALGACID: algae prevention agent.
DOSAGE: Dissolves melted directly into the water or through the skimmer. On the first day from 50 to 250 gr. on 10 m3 of water or in the course of the first three weeks, doses of 20 to 30 gr daily. to 10 m3 of water, and starting from the fourth week, the daily dosage decreases to 10 to 20 gr. на 10м3. The pH value should be from 7.2 to 7.6. The content of the active residual chlorine should be 0.4 - 0.8 mg / l.
Organic chlorine preparation - 200 gr / piece Composition: Trichlorisocyanurate; Content of active chlorine: 95%; Contains further: algacid and flocculant. Usage: unlimited. SPECIMEN DEPO PREPARATION WITH EXPOSED BACTERICIDE AND ALGACIDES.
DOSAGE: Every 7 to 10 days after 1 tablet per 10 m3 of water. To ensure continuous chlorination of water to two thirds of the dissolved tablets, add the following tablet. It is dispersed via a water dispenser or via a semi-automatic dispenser. With the semiautomatic dispenser, the content of the active residual chlorine can be regulated via a DpD tester using a flow controller on a scale from 1 to 8.
Composition: poly-alkylamino-ethylenedimethylamino-methylene-dichloride Usage: unlimitedDeal: Liquid, odorless and foam free, to prevent algae growth and development - suitable for all water and filtration devices.
DOSAGE: Dosage directly into the water. 1 dl per 10 m3 of water, at the first charge of the pool. Later, every 7-14 days, 10 - 40 ml / m3 of water. In case of mucous membranes, do a shock chlorine treatment of the pool and add 10 ml / m3. It does not irritate the skin and mucous membranes at higher concentrations.
Organic chlorine tablets - 20 gr. / pcs
DOSAGE: Dosages through the skimmer or melted directly into the water. On the first day from 50 to 250 gr. to 10 m3 of water. Later, during the first three weeks 20-30 gr. 10 m3 each day. Starting from the fourth week 20 - 30 gr. at 10 m3 every other day. The pH value should be from 7.2 to 7.6.
DOSAGE: The granulate should be dissolved in a plastic bucket and poured into the water. Possible dosing is without dissolution, directly in the skimmer. In order to reduce the pH by 0.1 to 10 m3 of water, add 95 grams of water. The ideal pH value is from 7.2 to 7.6.
Note: Average frequency of use is two weeks, but after heavy precipitation it is mandatory to control and lower pH. With indoor pools, especially g
The company Alfa doo was founded in 1988 and is one of the first specialized companies in the region for pool construction and assembly, maintenance of swimming pool equipment and equipment.
Based on many years of experience in designing, building and maintaining a swimming pool, we offer solutions for both public and private facilities of closed and open type, as evidenced by many years of tradition and guarantee.
An additional guarantee of our quality is the support of strategic partners who are the world's leading brands in this branch of industry, such as D & W pool, Germany and Zodiac.
From the conceptual solution or the offer, to the very best of our work, we always put quality and precision in quality, precision, both in the process itself and after the process in the form of agreements and advice, all with the goal of ease the enjoyment of all the benefits of our products.
The ultimate goal is to continue the cooperation after the completion of the work on mutual satisfaction.


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