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A real family pool

alfa bazeni

It can be obtained in various sizes. The price is affordable and no wonder the oval pool is so popular. Whether the depth is 120cm or 150cm, it guarantees you enjoy without a support structure. With the pools, support walls are on long and filled with lean concrete on rounded sides. 

alfa bazeni

It consists of a steel galvanized steel wall, thickness 0.60mm. At a depth of 1,50m the depth of the wall is 0,80mm. The outer side is additionally coated with plastics, internally protected by lacquer with pre-perforated cuttings for the skimmer and the nozzle.

alfa bazeni

The inner coat (0.60mm) is a color-proof blue foil. UV stabilized and resistant to cold.
Special profile rails for the floor ring and grip are made of hot-galvanized steel and coated with blue plastic. For the preparation of earthworks and masonry work, please ask for more detailed instructions.

The price of the pool set includes the following equipment:

Steel galvanized wall of the basin, thermofilter, liner, ladders, skimmer, nozzles, filter sub-set (sand filter, pump), winter / summer cover. 

In addition to the basic equipment we offer additional equipment: Robot vacuum cleaners, heat pumps, water treatment automatics, etc. 

Installation and preparation of the terrain are not included in the price. The price of the installation depends on the model / size of the pool and location and lasts for 3-10 working days (without rain and weather) after the completion of preliminary construction works. We can not have a unique price for the preparation of the ground (excavation, concrete slabs and walls) because of the location, the dimensions of the pool and travel costs, and sometimes we advise clients that the most economical solution is to find a local contractor of construction that is simple and for which you receive detailed designs after agreed cooperation .

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