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Building a swimming pool
according to your own original creation.


Styropool blocks represent innovation in the pool industry and are protected by a German patent.


Namely, these are specially made blocks that are joined and connected in the hole of the pool and then connect. Next, the phase is filled with reinforcement and concrete and as such is the whole wall of the pool.


This method of work has many advantages over the "concrete" construction of the basement walls:
- economics
- additional waterproofing is needed
- Longevity and durability
-building of different dimensions and shape of the pool
- Quick installation

The price of the pool set includes the following equipment:Styropool zid basin, thermofilter, liner, ladders, skimmer, nozzles, filter sub-set (sand filter, pump), winter / summer cover.

In addition to the basic equipment we also offer additional equipment: Robot vacuum cleaners, heat pumps, water treatment automatics, etc..

Installation and preparation of the terrain are not included in the price. The price of the installation depends on the model / size of the pool and location and lasts for 3-10 working days (without rain and weather) after the completion of preliminary construction works. We can not have a unique price for the preparation of the ground (excavation, concrete slabs and walls) because of the location, the dimensions of the pool and travel costs, and sometimes we advise clients that the most economical solution is to find a local contractor of construction that is simple and for which you receive detailed designs after agreed cooperation .

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