In order to protect the pool as well as the water pollution in it from the influence of the environment, various methods are used. One of those methods is a pool cover.

Pool covers can be classified into two groups:
1. Winter - summer covers
2. Living - thermal covers

The first group of covers is intended for "conservation" of the pool at the end of the season and also protects the pool and pool water from contamination during the autumn / winter period.

It is installed at the end of the bathing season, and is removed when the pool is opened for the season.

The second group consists of a daily pool cover. As the name suggests - these covers are used for protection on a daily basis, where these covers are placed on the surface of the water at the end of the day in order to maintain the water temperature overnight, without getting the pool dirty.

In this way, chemistry savings are achieved. This type of cover comes with a reel to make it the easiest way to place and remove the cover from the water surface.

Both types of covers are made with the size and shape of the pool and as such represent an indispensable item in the set.

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