Oval floating cover

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There are two types of covers - those for daily and off-season use. Daily thermal covers serve as an additive to maintain water temperature - as well as to reduce the use of chemicals.

Winter covers are floating blankets that attach to the perimeter of the pool and float on the surface of the water. When using the off-season winter cover, the water will remain correct until spring, and thus the pool is ready for use after opening and treatment.

Winter PEB cover from our range is a much more durable solution than ordinary tarpaulins. The advantage of these covers is the durability of the material, which gives the product longevity of several years.

By using these covers with proper conservation of the pool, water spoilage during the winter is avoided, as well as all the consequences on the environment that the spoiled water creates. It is not necessary to buy such a cover, but the client can buy and find other solutions for the winter according to his own needs and decisions.

All PEB covers are floating and are attached to the surrounding pool arrangement.

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