Ei Expert

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Ei expert is an automation for swimming pools which, by means of electrolysis from pool salt water, produces and doses chlorine to a given extent. All with the goal of the safest use of chlorine in the prescribed amount.

In this way, the water is safely and automatically disinfected and thus excessive use of chlorine is avoided. It is intended for clients who want to get rid of the obligation of manual chlorine dosing.

All this takes place for the purpose of constant quality and disinfection of water and is placed inside the machine room and connected to a single-phase current. In this way, with the help of a click, chlorine is produced to a given extent, and in that way time and money are saved.

It is important that each of the mentioned elements of additional equipment can be additionally purchased and installed in the room.

The warranty on each device is two years, and with proper handling, the durability of automation for swimming pools is significantly longer.

It is not necessary to buy and install the device immediately, but the client can later decide for the same. Installation on an existing installation in a space that has already been prepared takes a couple of hours.

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