“Ribanje” bazena.

"Scrubbing" the pool.

A popular verb in our industry, used when "everything is over" when it comes to hygiene. Namely, we should not have the mentioned activity at all when it comes to the pool - of course, if the hygiene is maintained in a timely manner. It takes' from time to time ...

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Pražnjenje bazena – Sve što niste, a trebalo bi da znate

Emptying the pool - Everything you are not, and you should know

Basically, what is the practice for all those who own swimming pools is their emptying when the bathing season is over. Believe it or not - swimming pools don't have to be emptied in winter anyway (at least not with the ones we make), but the water is drained below the skimmer level and drained ...

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Bazen kao Investicija – Koja je cena izgradnje bazena?

Pool as an Investment - What is the cost of building a pool?

In the new era of modern lifestyle and running in all directions, shorter and shorter sleep - less and less time and attention are dedicated to leisure and enjoyment of free time and peace that we can provide for ourselves. However, some try to spend maximum time in their village, in weekend houses, on the road, at home, in the mountains, etc.

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Folija za Bazene – Sve što treba da znate

Pool Foil - Everything you need to know

The lined pool is protected from both UV radiation and cracking of the waterproofing, which is not even necessary in this case. In this way, costs are reduced and a high level of practicality is achieved.

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Stepenice za bazen

Swimming pool stairs

We often confuse the term steps and ladders in the pool. The stairs, as the word itself, says, have steps from the bottom up and are mostly 25-30 cm wide and the same height.

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Gradnja pravougaonih bazena – Kako i zašto?

Building Rectangular Pools - How and Why?

Styropool represents a kind of revolution in the pool industry. Namely, these are special blocks made of a mix of different high-quality materials. It is produced in Germany according to the highest standards and this product is specially intended for the construction of pool walls.

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Postavka bazena

Pool setting

Sometimes the pool you want to install in your yard takes up quite a lot of space. Of course, concerning the available space that you have, suggestions and offers for the dimensions of the pool are created, to have the most financially profitable dimension.

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