Our mission is to provide the client with an easy and fast pool setup with a multi-year warranty
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The pools are available in three dimensions and 4 colors. Made of polyester, while the Mint combination of materials used a special color for the pool. Each pool has a bench seat as well as steps to enter the pool.

The mentioned segments are made of non-slip / anti-slip surface, so safety is at a higher level. The construction of this type of pool is different from the construction of other pools in our assortment.

Svaki bazen poseduje stepenice i klupu za sedenje izradjene od specijalne antiklizne površine. Tako    svaki od bazena može da bude u 4 boje: krem, bela, siva i plava.

In this way, we have completed the offer of swimming pools of different and highest quality materials so that each client has a swimming pool for a long period of time.

NEW - CLASSIC MINT POLYESTER POOLS. Quick installation of pools available in three dimensions 5.4 × 3.4m, 6.4 × 3.4m and 7.4 × 3.4m. For more information PREMIUM MINT mode, get in touch with us.


One-day installation ensures high efficiency while the pool does not lose its durability.

The price does NOT include construction works, transport costs that depend on the location, as well as installation and installation costs.

Costs and construction preparatory work are kept to a minimum. Mint pools are created in accordance with market requirements, following the highest world standards. 

These pools are characterized by a configuration / structure due to the possession of a non-slip seating area and stairs, these pools are characterized by fast accessibility and even faster construction.

In this way, after preparing the terrain, installation is possible in just one day.

The price of the pool includes basic filtration equipment, while you can see additional equipment in the second section.


Classic model S

Classic model M

Classic model L






prvi stepenik 0.5m





17.090€ + PDV

The prices shown are without VAT and include the following: pool tub, skimmer, nozzles, filter pump, sand filter, 1 LED pool light.
We are able to offer delivery on the territory of Serbia, which is not included in the price. The prices shown are without installation and construction works. Our recommendation is to purchase equipment for water disinfection, to regulate the ph value, as well as heat pumps and a robot for automatic pool cleaning.                                                                             


To ensure high health safety, MINT has provided a non-slip part in the structure of each pool. Properly positioned antislip surface is one of the main advantages of mint. By using mint prefabricated pools, the client is safe from slipping on surfaces that are intended for frequent use. By these places we mean steps to enter the pool and benches for sitting

The used blend of materials and the standardized production process enable durability for over 20 years, so as such it represents a long-term solution for the relaxation and recreational part of every home. After the installation of the Mint pool, longevity is guaranteed, whether it is in the ground or above ground, because the mix of materials is resistant to all conditions to which the installed pool is exposed.


Pool installation, ie. construction was a process that took a long time and required a lot of time, money and patience. The process that consisted of preparatory work and installation has now been shortened and simplified in a way that will provide the customer with a finished pool in the shortest time.

Also, preparatory works and their costs are minimized, which allows a high return on investment.

Mint can also be placed on terrains where classic concreting methods would be difficult to approach and buyers generally even give up for the stated reason.

Mint as a product can also be placed on the ground, thus avoiding excavation work. Of course, the outer part of the pool wall needs to be covered, but only for aesthetic reasons.

Mint Premium model

Have you ever wondered why you feel so happy after a day at the pool?Home is where Mint is.

Mint assortment

For us, the time spent with the family is the most precious.

Simple but strong!

Durability is the key factor in pool industry. 

Mint characteristics

Mint models are available in 4 different colors and 3 sizes 

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