Alfa is a family company whose service has been the maintenance and construction of swimming pools since 1988. In our range, we have a wide range of accessories for swimming pools that can be installed later after the construction of the pool.

How to determine where to install a pool?

As we have a handful of different houses, so there are a large number of different yards, locations, and even soil configurations. When thinking about locating a pool installation in your backyard, keep in mind what kind of entertainment you want and what kind of “communication” you want around the pool.

The appearance of the surroundings, ie the beach and the terrace around the pool should also be kept in mind. Practically speaking, the pool should be placed in the part of the yard where it will be most comfortable for you.

In case you have your own private house, your decision will probably be to keep the pool "behind" the house so that it is not disturbed by street noise or other factors. What is important is that the installation of the pool is done at least 0.5 meters from the fence/wall of the yard so that the space can be used for passage if you decide on a manual way of cleaning the pool.

How is a swimming pool built?

When it comes to building a swimming pool, people often get confused about what it is all about. Many people think that the process itself is simple in the sense of just making a “tub” into which water is poured and that’s it.

However, this process consists of two parts:


The initial part is the preparation of the terrain before installation (excavation of the site for the construction of the pool, concreting the floor slab, etc.


involves the installation of walls and other basic equipment in the form of a filtration system (pumps and filters).

Setting ie. welding of liners on the walls can be done only on sunny days when the temperature is above 20 degrees so that it can be set correctly. The floor must be flat, dry, and smooth before the installation of the liner in order for the pool to have a beautiful appearance at the end of the works. This is especially important at night because when the floodlights come on, any unevenness is visible, so special attention should be paid to the final treatment of the floor during the preparatory construction work. It is recommended that it be treated with a “helicopter” (builders know) or that a self-leveling mass be poured as it was properly prepared. After setting up the liner, the installation needs to be connected.
The main note regarding the preparatory works is that the surrounding arrangement can be done AFTER the installation and construction of the pool, filling the pool with water, testing the system, and commissioning. This is very important in order to avoid subsequent damage to the pool installation during other yard work.

How much does it cost to build a pool?

The price of building a pool is formed in relation to the model of the pool, the dimensions, and the level (additional) equipment you choose. At the initial meeting, we evaluate and propose a pool that is ideal for you after we find out what the purpose of the pool is, how many bathers you want it to be intended for, what are the location and financial possibilities, etc.…

What is important to us is to suggest what is best for you to meet your needs regarding the pool, and to "skip" what is not necessary. The basic equipment necessary for the smooth operation of the pool includes:

  • Pool wall
  • Pool elements
  • Pool lining
  • Ladders for the pool
  • Complete filter substation: pump and filter - not just a "tub"

Installation and preparatory construction work depend on the location, travel costs, operating hours, as well as the model and size of the pool, and they are subsequently assessed.

How long does it take to build a pool?

The construction of the pool consists of preparatory and assembly works.

For preparatory works (often performed by a local builder according to our instructions) it takes 10-14 days, while our works concerning the installation of the pool, installation of pumps, equipment, and linings last 3-5 working days.

What is important is that the days when the construction of the pool is done are not rainy, so that we can carry out our fieldwork unhindered.

Do we perform pool maintenance, service, and other ancillary services?

Within our company, there is also a pool maintenance service that operates on a seasonal basis. If the client decides to take this step, our service is obliged to test and maintain pool technology and water hygiene at a high level for the entire duration of the service.

Is there any kind of guarantee and if so, which one?

Since we use only a range of products that have been tested in practice in these 27 years of tradition, we recommend to each client only what has proven to be a proven and durable solution.

However, as required by the supplier and the law, the warranty on all equipment is a minimum of 2 years, while the liner is 10 years on UV stabilization. Of course, no technical damage caused by improper use and manipulation is covered by the warranty.

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