A popular verb in our industry, used when "everything is over" when it comes to hygiene. Namely, we should not have the mentioned activity at all when it comes to the pool - of course, if the hygiene is maintained on time. It is necessary from time to time to check the correctness of the water with devices that are for that purpose and to treat the water manually (using chemistry) or automatically (ph expert and electrolysis). The pool needs to be conserved at the end of the season and “opened” at the beginning of the season in the ways we have already described.
And here, we are often asked about this service in our service, so we tried to figure out this "famous" thing in writing and why it is not included in the service.
Water hygiene and even the pool should be tested and maintained from time to time, and then that "scrubbing" will never be necessary, and in that way, you will save yourself both time and money.

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