A swimming pool as an investment?

In the new era of modern lifestyle and running in all directions, shorter and shorter sleep - less and less time and attention are dedicated to leisure and enjoyment of free time and peace that we can provide for ourselves. However, some try to spend maximum time in their village, in weekend houses, on the road, at home, in the mountains, etc.

Many of them, to enrich their conditions and improve the quality of real estate, decide to have another parking space, a playground for children, a green garden, and the like.

We rarely think of the possibility of working for "physical" relaxation and recreation, either because of habits or because of the speed of life and planning a summer or winter vacation.

We come to the point, the part for relaxation in collective or private facilities can be completed with a pool whose use can be depending on the concept of housing, individual and/or collective. Once upon a time, the construction process itself was expensive and time-consuming.

With the expansion of this industry, of course, the aim was to simplify construction, so the pool construction itself is no longer "nuclear physics".

The investment in the construction of such facilities, depending on the size and with the basic machine segments, is no longer a nightmare and is not an order-of-size investment like the facility itself, as it used to be. Now, for the sums in the amount of a one-bedroom apartment, one swimming pool can be built, which could be used by buyers of other real estates in the building.

We did not specify the price for the simple reason that it depends on many factors, such as the type of pool, the level of pool equipment, the price per m2 in the building, and the like.

To build something like this on a building, it is necessary to plan statics on time, while the price of all other elements of work is the same as "on the ground".

The mentioned way of completing the content of the property can greatly benefit the future owners of the same, while for investors it would be a great opportunity for both branding and added value. The level of cost-effectiveness is measured in both tangible and intangible aspects.

By combining these aspects, you will agree, we all win because after all, a good client is always a happy client in the long run. We quickly get used to the good… and that “good” is a great starting point if we think of a long-term investment.

What is the cost of building a pool?

Probably the most common question in our and other "industries/jobs" is the question related to the price! We cannot claim for others, but for the work we do, we can say the following:

The price of the pool is formed concerning the model of the pool, the dimension, and LEVEL of (additional) equipment that the client chooses. This is not "prescribed by us" - we at the initial meeting that we can make a proposal after the client tells us "what he wants", what the pool is for, how many bathers he expects, what are the locational and financial possibilities, etc. “

It is important for us to suggest to each client what is necessary for the realization of his needs regarding the pool, and to "skip" what is not necessary.

On our site, we have tried to highlight the PRICES of standard (most popular) shapes/models of swimming pools, sorted by dimensions. Prominent prices are in the BASIC equipment needed for the smooth operation of the pool (for example, "pool wall", elements, cladding, ladders, and a complete filter substation - so not just "when the pool").

We did not point out the installation and preparatory construction works, because we cannot anticipate them and have the same price for all locations. It is understood… for simple reasons that the prices of works depend on different travel costs, working hours, pool models…

We hope that in this way we have at least a little "solved the mystery" which largely means for some "prior knowledge with which to go shopping"! :)

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