What does it mean to cover the pool with foil and what are the effects of that?

The lined pool is protected from both UV radiation and cracking of the waterproofing, which is not even necessary in this case. In this way, costs are reduced and a high level of practicality is achieved.

Also, liner pools do not have joints, as is the case with ceramic-lined pools, so the possibility of damage is reduced to a minimum. The structure and edges inside the liner-lined pool are never sharp and therefore the surface is safer for the user.

We believe that you have heard comments like this before, so let's say let's deal with that topic a bit. All the pools we have done in the past 26 years have been covered with Renolit Alkorplan foil. There are about 20 other standard colors and designs. There are one-color and those "with a print" - which would be called a "mosaic" of various colors.

After this, we decided to present you with something new in this area of work: a new series of Renolit foils called TOUCH. This foil is one color and thicker than standard and has a certain degree of "contour".

It comes in several shades and it is very characteristic that after filling the pool with water, this foil gets its full shine.

Considering that all the pictures on the site are the work of our hands, this time we will make an exception so that you can see the appearance of such projects.

Let's present the look of already installed pools by our colleague.

Can you come and look at the terrain to decide which pool to build?

To provide all interested clients with the necessary information and treatment, while maintaining our efficiency and economy, which concerns both us and the client, we decided to present to you the way the company operates in terms of sales/construction of swimming pools:

  1. Initial conversation - the first conversation in which we define some basic needs for the pool and equipment. Before the meeting, the client should be acquainted with the available space for the pool and the area of ??your yard.
  2. Meeting in our company office. We arrange an appointment for you to visit us at our address to introduce you to our range and services. At this meeting, we would define your requirements, needs, and actual construction.
  3. Going to our location where you would see live on the example of a built pool how all the equipment works and for what purpose.
  4. After this, we make an offer that includes the agreed equipment and services.

*** If at the meeting and after the presented information we determine that the terrain is an exception and that it is specific (type-filled terrain, under a huge slope, near certain facilities, etc.) then we go to the location and determine the "condition" and the possibility of construction

5. If the offer is accepted and the advance is paid, the works will follow in the agreed term

6. Pre-preparation counseling - If you have "your local" builder, we would talk to them and do a detailed project.

7. Installation/construction - after the preparatory works, the installation of the pool and equipment follows, which lasts 3-7 working days (without rain and weather disasters).

8. Selfies and summer can begin.

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