Styropool represents a kind of revolution in the pool industry. Namely, these are special blocks made of a mix of different high-quality materials. It is produced in Germany according to the highest standards and this product is specially intended for the construction of pool walls.

Many advantages of this type of pool construction that are worth mentioning are:

  • making various shapes and dimensions of the pool,
  • economy,
  • pool build speed.

How do rectangular pools differ from others - does the shape affect the quality or something else?

Rectangular pools differ from oval and round pools only in methods, ie. pool construction techniques, while durability and warranty and even brand are identical.

The assembly process consists of assembling and connecting the blocks, which are then filled with reinforcement and concrete. With this combination, we get a pool wall that is resistant to a variety of weather conditions, as well as soil conditions.

An important item is durability because from our experience, pools made in this way last more than 15 years without any need for renovation.

Why do clients decide to build this type of pool?

Simply, in many cases, these works include additional work in the yard, because we all know that in the house when something starts to be done, we often think of "what else is this".

The pool as a pool does not take long to build - we need 3-7 working days without precipitation ANY daily temperatures and the construction part 10-14 days to finish the pool.

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