Basically, what is the practice for all those who own swimming pools is their emptying when the bathing season is over.

Believe it or not - swimming pools don't have to be emptied in the winter anyway (at least not with the ones we make), but the water is drained below the skimmer level and drained from the installation. Thus, a partially emptied pool (15-30 cm) is treated with chemicals and covered with a winter-summer blanket and will remain so until the beginning of the next season.

Therefore, emptying the pool is not necessary in any case, so there is no need for a constant "supply" of water, as well as sewage, etc.

When is it necessary to empty the pool?

Emptying the pool, which is lined with quality materials, is not necessarily complete, but only partially, just before the end of the bathing season, that is at the end of season.

All these "functions" are "commanded" through the pool pump to which everything is connected and the pool as such has a high degree of "autonomy" concerning the house and other facilities, which can mean a lot to you when operating them.

What do we use to empty the pool and how is this process performed?

When emptying the pool in our version, no submersible pump is required, but the pool is emptied via an existing pool pump through which water is filtered and circulated - via a floor drain.

How to choose the right pool drain pumps?

All pools that we make already have built-in floor drains tied to the existing pump, so a special pump for emptying the pool is not needed.

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