What are skimmer pools?

Skimmer pools are pools that have a part in the structure of the wall, ie. a hole (skimmer), where the water goes to filtration through nozzles and thus is cleaned and circulated in the system.

What are overflow pools?

Overflow pools are mostly pools for commercial or extremely "aesthetic" use. They have found their purpose in many hotels, spas, city pools, etc.

In these pools, the process of water circulation is different from the skimmer ones, so to speak, the water circulates from the bottom to the top and they have an overflow/compensation vessel into which the excess water is created if a larger number of bathers is found in the pool.

There are several "divisions" or "differences" between skimmer and overflow pools, some of which we will mention:


Skimmer pools are 30% cheaper than overflows because overflows require the construction of overflow channels and an overflow vessel. The overflow vessel is used as a pool water storage where water comes depending on the number of people in the pool.


Family pools or pools for smaller hotels are mostly skimmers because they are for private use, so the number of customers is mostly the same or at least approximately the same.

Public and commercial pools are mostly made as overflows because it is difficult to predict how many bathers will be present in the water at the same time. If the number of bathers exceeds the planned amount, the water from the pool goes to the overflow vessel and then returns to the pool.

Which of these two pools is better to choose and what does the choice depend on?

The choice depends on both the purpose and the available budget. In terms of functionality, if all the equipment is positioned and installed correctly - the pool will have its own functionality and both systems will give results.

What are the prices of these pools?

Overflow pools are more expensive than skimmer pools due to the additions of the overflow vessel and due to the different positions of the equipment as well as the higher consumption of materials during construction.

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