Swimming pool stairs

We often confuse the term steps and ladders in the pool. The stairs, as the word itself, says, have steps from the bottom up and are mostly 25-30 cm wide and the same height.

Clients opt for easier entry exit. We draw special attention to the fact that each tread must be made of "non-slip" material, whether they are the same as polyester - installed or made on request.

Upon request, we coat you with an ordinary liner on which a special non-corrugated liner is placed for safety reasons. Polyester steps can also be used as a hydromassage part. Also, the tread surface is non-slip.

How are stairs installed in a pool?

The installation of stairs, ie the way and time of installation of stairs in the pool absolutely depend on the model of stairs. Namely, there are stairs that the client chooses to decide on before the construction of the pool to place them and connect them to the walls of the pool with special moldings, and this is a model of Roman mint stairs. While, of course, there are stairs that can be turned off later if the client decides to add elegant mint stairs and thus enable the pool to enter and exit through these polyester stairs.

What types of pool stairs are there?

There are the above-mentioned polyester steps or steps that are built within the pool, whether from styrofoam blocks or classic concreting with a subsequent coating of the surface of the steps.

As for the ladder, there are no doubts. They have 3 or 4 threads depending on the depth of the pool and must be made of stainless materials so that they do not corrode due to the presence of chemicals in the water.

How are stairs installed in a pool?

Stairs are installed during the installation of the pool and that means attaching them to the surrounding arrangement.

What kinds of stairs are there?

Depending on the depth and structure of the pool, there are stairs with 3 or 4 treads.

What takes less time, steps, or ladders?

Stairs as a more complicated part of the accessories are installed slower than ladders and it all absolutely depends on the choice of model.

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