As you probably know, manual water treatment and water quality maintenance can sometimes be very time-consuming. Also, it happens that due to climate change, more frequent rains, and disasters, the water in the pool is not always clean and ready for swimming.

These are just some of the reasons why products are made that automatically maintain water quality. This process involves checking the current state of the water and then dosing the chemistry to bring the water quality to the highest level.


Two components make up the automatic maintenance of the pool and the water in it, and they are:

This method of water maintenance is very useful for both private pools (especially families with children) and commercial pools due to the constant water quality.

Automatic hygiene maintenance - Saltwater - Electrolysis

Electrolysis is something that is still very unknown in our market, so the use of "saltwater" in the pool is unknown in this type of business. In the following text, we will briefly describe what it is about and what are the advantages of this water maintenance technique.

Chlorine as the best water disinfectant has long been used in the pool industry, but there is a problem that if there is a high concentration of chlorine, it can lead to health hazards. Thus, automatic chlorine dosing is created to annul the harmful effects of chlorine, more precisely, the required doses are automatically reduced to a minimum, which is very important for the health and safety of bathers.

Namely, it is a chemical reaction of chlorine separation from non-iodized salt, after which the produced chlorine is automatically added to the pool in an ideal proportion so that the water has the highest possible quality with the least presence of chemicals. This is very important for the safety and health of bathers as well as great savings on the chemical itself, as well as the time spent on manual water maintenance.

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